Situated in the creative quarter of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Atrafloor designs and manufactures quality durable printed vinyl flooring that can produce a limitless range of design options.

  • Web Development (WooCommerce)
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What Was Required

Atrafloor required a new custom e-commerce website build that would better support and complement its innovative product. This website would need to calculate the flooring requirements for its customers and then be able to pass this information on throughout the production journey. Atrafloor has two different product types; pattern and photo, which required two different buying journeys on the website.


What We Did

Through understanding the challenges facing Atrafloor we were able to decide quickly on a solution that would meet the needs of the company. We decided to build a new website on WooCommerce due to its ability to add custom functionality for both the calculations required to generate quotes for customers and also the different buying journeys required.

Since the build, we have successfully handed this project over to their internal development team.


A bespoke product with unique challenges that Attach were able to solve during the project. Meeting our requirements and being on time was key for the relaunch of this website which was delivered by the team.

James Mellan, Head Of Brand