Gaining more customers

We offer services to help generate more leads and convert them. See how you can grow your business with different website platforms and tiered customer relationship management (CRM) systems.



WordPress is a brilliant option for any website, especially lead generation sites. With 34% of the web using this platform you are in good company. Some of the biggest sites are using this platform such as The Walt Disney Company and the Microsoft News website. Some of the main advantages are being able to add galleries, online stores and analytics, along with an easy and intuitive interface to manage content, all to help convert those leads.

Static Site with Headless CMS

Our website is built on this platform, it’s that good! Some other great examples are Facebook, Instagram and Netflix. The main benefit for a lead generation website is that it makes it super fast even when the website grows, which is great for scalability. This speed benefit is also a positive factor in how your website will be ranked in search engines like Google, giving you more opportunity to get to the top of the rankings over slower sites and exposure to more leads.


Salesforce / Agile CRM

The benefits of having a customer relationship management (CRM) system can be seen as even greater for lead generation websites over any other type of website. The main function of the website is to convert a lead into a paying customer, and works slightly differently to ecommerce for example. This is mainly due to the complexity of buying journey a customer will generally take in a lead generation website over a more simplistic one for ecommerce, so having a tool to not only track this journey but automate steps is vital.

This is exactly the main benefits from a CRM, to track customers through a process and convert them from a lead, but also to automate steps in this process to get a higher chance of conversion. This can be things like email marketing, repurchase programs, reminders and multichannel targeting, all of which can take hours of time but also impossible without using a CRM.

Attach offer a tier solution for CRM’s beginning with Agile CRM, brilliant for small businesses just getting started with CRM’s, and Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, perfect for medium and large ecommerce stores.

Tracking and Analytics

Google Analytics

This is the best platform to track website data and more importantly track leads coming to your website. With the ability to add goals to Google Analytics you can analyse how your website is performing based on the number of sessions it generates (leads) against how many goals are completed (conversions), this can give you real-time conversion rates for your website. Another benefit of Google Analytics is it can highlight key areas for improvement which can then be worked on to try and convert more leads.


Attach have that rare ability to be able to take my ideas and execute them to match my design requirements. They are always prompt with their response, work well within the practical and business constraints of a brief and are always willing to contribute more than is necessary to ensure a successful result.

Steve Parkman, Forty Two Creative