Knowing what your store needs

We work with you to understand what your company needs in order to grow and can offer tiered end to end solutions to help achieve your goals. Take a look at what we can provide to help your ecommerce business and work with us to start planning your digital roadmap.



Magento 2 is the latest incarnation of the leading ecommerce platform. It’s much faster than its predecessor, more secure, can handle more products and is packed with great features to give merchants the edge when selling online. For merchants moving from M1 to M2 they will find the admin is still familiar but is now much easier to use thanks to the modern user interface.


Built on the WordPress platform means all of these benefits are gained when using WooCommerce. This is the ideal platform for small to medium sized businesses looking to take their next growth steps and especially if marketing and blogs are a large part of that strategy. Easy to manage stores with the ability to grow and customise functionality.


Ability to pay monthly for this service gives you more control for your ecommerce store. It can also be a faster turn around to getting a store live with basic theme set up. Shopify can also be extended further with custom solutions depending on your needs.


Customers being the single most important asset of a business, we feel ecommerce stores need to have a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The main benefit of a CRM is customer retention and according to Salesforce this can be improved by 27% by automating day to day tasks and improved customer service. Attach offer a tier solution for CRM’s beginning with Agile CRM, brilliant for small businesses just getting started with CRM’s, and Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, perfect for medium and large ecommerce stores.

Tracking and Analytics

GA (+ Enhanced Ecommerce)

Google Analytics (GA) provides ecommerce stores with a greater understanding of how your website is performing and ability to analyse the performance of key areas of your business such as products, marketing and more. With the extension of Enhanced Ecommerce added to GA, this provides more in depth tracking of product performance, website revenue and other features such as add to cart rates. Having this information allows greater segmentation for remarketing opportunities, which means getting customers back to your ecommerce store and purchasing.


Business data can be difficult to understand and can be very manual when wanting to retrieve it. Attach can build custom Klipfolio dashboards to automatically retrieve business data and visualise it in a way that makes sense. Meaning you can act on this information quicker and with less work. This is a great way to bring all of your business data into a single place, including your ecommerce store, CRM, marketing and much more.

New Relic

New Relic is the leading software for website performance monitoring. It gives full insight on website performance, speed, errors and uptime. Attach Digital has a New Relic Certified Performance Pro engineer on our team, meaning we can find the solutions to your website performance issues.


SEO: Improve your organic traffic

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through rankings in search engine results like Google. The key in successful optimisation is understanding what your customer is searching for and maximising the exposure to these keywords and phrases. Attach works on understanding this as well, to help find the best opportunities in generating more and relevant traffic.


A fantastic way of generating traffic and especially for ecommerce stores is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This is where you will pay for an advert to appear in Google search engine results. This is great for new ecommerce stores as they don’t need to wait for their websites to get ranked by the search engines organically (usually around 3 months) giving a boost to your new website. They are also really targeted and usually convert at a high rate.

Process Automation

Increasing time efficiencies in a business is key to increasing profits. The way to do this is through automation. Attach can offer a range of process automation tools and integrations such as customer support and automating shipments and label printing, plus any other custom requirements your business might need to save time and increase productivity.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an expected experience from any ecommerce store. These can range from password reset to order confirmations. A key benefit is the personalisation even when it is from an automated system, also the timing of the messaging and relevance also encourages customers. Attach offers two tiers for transactional emails both with varying features. Campaign Monitor is packed full of features that are perfect for email campaigns, personalised customer journeys and transactional emails. Mailgun is slightly stripped back but is great for starting out with sending out transactional emails.


Optimising your ecommerce store is essential when trying to drive more customers to pay and increase the conversion rate of your website. The speed of your website can have two benefits with optimisations the first being Google and search engine optimisation. This is a key ranking factor for Google and especially for mobile. The second benefit is the increased conversion rate that ecommerce stores can gain from a faster website. Attach is committed to building fast website but can also help improve the speed of existing ecommerce stores.


We worked collaboratively with Attach on the look and feel for the website and managed to increase the conversion rate following the launch. Meeting our requirements and being on time was key for the relaunch of this website which was delivered by the team.

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