Order fulfilment is a real area in ecommerce stores to make massive productivity improvements and it can sometimes be forgotten about

As order fulfilment is generally the final step of a process it's often overlooked, but it’s a fundamental area not only to be quick but also efficient. Imagine if you could also save money at the same time! In the next section, we will explain how Attach can combine solutions to achieve this exact goal.

The process

The process begins with finding the right system to process orders in your company. There are many off the shelf platforms like Unleashed and Zoho. These types of platforms are great as they come packed with features to already start saving time and for most ecommerce stores generally need only basic alterations to get working straight away.

You can, of course, use the platform that your ecommerce website runs on to fulfil orders. Some great examples are WooCommerce and Magento, and if you are a small business it can be a great first step. We have found, however, that in larger stores having your website and order fulfilment system separate can work really well, especially if you have dedicated teams for Customer Service and Production.

Designing and printing

Automated shipments and labels

Once you have an order fulfilment system in place it now time to make the real savings! What we would do next is connect your system to an automated shipment and label platform. These are great as they not only automate manual tasks like booking in shipments and printing labels, but they can also find the cheapest rate across multiple carriers. This is brilliant as you save costs through time but also actual outgoings.

To give you some more stats and benefits, shipping costs account for up to 10% of ecommerce business expenses, using a system like this you can reduce this loss by comparing carriers and rates. You can track shipments and keep customers informed all from one platform. Around 83% of parcels get delivered on time, so having real-time tracking and being able to locate and update customers automatically is key for customer relationships and building your brand. Finally, around 5% of parcels don’t get delivered to the correct address. With an in-built address validator, this makes sure your ecommerce store isn’t contributing to this.

Packing and shipping

Final thoughts

Automation and productivity improvements can also be achieved through technology in other areas of your ecommerce process. We have started with the end of the process because it is so valuable and can be forgotten about but there can be other areas that are like this as well. In our series of blog posts about ‘Ecommerce Productivity’ we will be looking at other areas of the ecommerce process where improvements to productivity can be made.

Can this work for you?

Of course! Attach can work with any systems regardless of what stage they are at to help save you time and money. Whether you are just starting a new build or have just completed one, we can help bring this all together. This can really help take your order fulfilment process to the next level and start increasing profit margins by reducing costs by saving time and cheaper shipments.

Want to make your ecommerce process more efficient? Talk to a member of the Attach team today by emailing us at hello@attachdigital.co.uk or calling us on 0151 601 4404

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