​​Custom business dashboards that hold all the data you need

​​One of the main productivity improvements we have seen during builds for our customers has been around reporting and data. We find that the data that companies need to run day to day, and also long term, comes from different places and sources. This can be time consuming and sometimes impossible to get, which is why bringing all this data to a central location and automatically is key, especially for ecommerce websites.

The platform

​​The platform that we have used in the past to build business dashboards is Klipfolio. We’ve found that this is a brilliant tool to bring data from multiple different sources and display it in a simple to understand way. This is also a great choice even if data is coming from the same source for the same reason. Being a web based application it also means you can access your business data from anywhere you need to, making it even more accessible.

​​​​Some of the data sources that Klipfolio can work with include Magento, WooCommerce, Facebook and custom databases, plus many more to give you full visibility on places you hold data. Meaning that you can already save time not having to go to all the different sources manually.

​​Visualising your data

​​Klipfolio uses something called Klips to visualise data in dashboards. These are basically widgets that can be added to dashboards and can include components like bar charts, tables and gauges. The Klips are populated from your data sources and update dynamically based on a refresh interval.

​​The key benefits of visualising data are being able to absorb all the key data for your ecommerce store quickly and also being able to connect the correlations and relationships, meaning you can spend more time making improvements to your store and knowing if these are making an impact.

​​Combining data for further insight

​​Combining data from different sources allows you to get the complete picture of your ecommerce store. This is especially important when combining online and offline data. As these two sets of data sometimes sit in different places. Using Klipfolio, these can be combined to see a full funnel of data for your company. This can save loads of time by not having to manually calculate each segment of data, but also capture this data in real time without any extra effort. This can help you spot any problems and opportunities for you ecommerce funnel in a way that is easy to filter and understand.


​​​​Klipfolio starts at $29 per month offering 3 dashboards, 2 users and 4 hour data refresh intervals. This is great to start off with and will allow you to start building the Klips that you need to start making decisions on. With this package it also allows you to connect to as many different sources as you want, meaning it is super scalable and can grow as your business, and business data, grows.

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